Characteristics of Yorkshire Canaries and Prices

Characteristics of Yorkshire Canaries and Prices 2

Characteristics of Yorkshire Canaries and Prices 2

Yorkshire or YS has a large body and beautiful colors. These physical characteristics are indeed very close to the Canary Yorkshire. So no wonder, many chirping mania who consider the Canary Yorkshire as a beauty contest bird, not a bird contest contest.

Walnuts Yorkshire often participate in contest events such as models that show the beauty of the body. However, it is not uncommon for Walnuts of Yorkshire to participate in the voting competition. The reason is, the broadest part of the chest is capable of making Canary sounds loud and loud.

If you look closely, Yorkshire Canaries are beautiful, especially in the posture and color change. Most people who call this bird an upside down carrot. That’s natural, because the body of the Yorkshire Walnut is indeed large at the top, then pursed towards the small tail. Moreover, the average color of a yellowish orange Yorkshire canary that looks very similar to carrots.

However, is it only the carrot shape that makes the Walnut Yorkshire look good? Of course not, the other body features also look manly and fierce. As typical characteristics of Yorkshire Canaries as follows.

Walnut Yorkshire Characteristics

Looks all over looks frightening.
Big head, wide, and flat or commonly called mbarong from Ring GRS BF.
The eyes look sharp and bright.
The walnut body posture of the Yorkshire is very large.
The chest looks broad and well-built.
Body shape like inverted carrots.
The walnut legs of Yorkshire are small, but they are long enough.
Clean shiny but thin fur. Uniquely, the legs also grow fur.
Usually the cloaca has no dirt.
The waist is smaller than the size of the chest.
Very high appetite.
Yorkshire canaries are lively and attractive.
Mental warrior and loud voice.
Yorkshire canaries are yellow, orange, brown, green, cinnamon, and white. The rarest Yorkshire white canary.
Long enough so that the voice is cheesy and long nagging.
Yorkshire canaries always stand tall with a body length of 15-17 cm.
That was a common feature of Yorkshire Canaries that were visible to the eye. So, you can distinguish Yorkshire Canaries from other Canaries simply by relying on these physical characteristics. After knowing the characteristics, let’s discuss what are the strengths of the Harga Kenari Yorkshire.

Characteristics of Yorkshire Canaries and Prices 1

Characteristics of Yorkshire Canaries and Prices 1

Excess Yorkshire Walnuts

Yorkshire canaries are said to be perfect canaries. How not, her body is beautiful, her voice is loud, the price is expensive. Beautiful body can be seen through the pictures of the Walnut Yorkshire. Meanwhile, the voice of the Walnut Yorkshire can be watched through YouTube. If your house is near a bird market or a race field, Yorkshire Canaries can be directly seen there.

So, do you already know where the Yorkshire Walnuts come from? YS Canaries are from abroad or imported. The majority of Yorkshire Canaries were imported from Italy (FOI ring), Germany (DKB Ring), Belgium (AOB Ring), England (IOA Ring), to Turkey.

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So, even though in Indonesia Yorkshire canaries are very popular, actually Yorkshire canaries are imported from the European Continent. Not surprisingly, Walnuts Mania really likes Yorkshire Walnuts.

So, if summarized the advantages of Yorkshire Walnuts are as follows.

The most striking advantages of Yorkshire Canaries are the unique body posture that resembles inverted carrots.
The Walnut Head of Yorkshire is often called mbagong and toe length. Like a word, Yorkshire Canaries are like bodybuilders and bodybuilders in the Canary class.
The Yorkshire Walnuts are louder and louder than other Walnuts.
The results of cross-breeding Yorkshire Canaries with Local Walnuts will produce offspring F1 children YS, F2 YS, F3 YS, F4 YS and so on.
The price of Yorkshire Canaries is very expensive and stable. Not only the Canary breeders of Yorkshire, YS puppies are also valued quite expensive in the market.
Yorkshire Walnut Prices

As we talked about above, the price of Yorkshire Canaries is very expensive. Male Yorkshire canaries can reach Rp. 10 million. Such expensive prices have not yet gotten the achievements of the race, if it has been achievers and have won, of course the price of the Walnut Yorkshire is even more expensive.

Local or Imported Yorkshire Male Walnuts: Rp. 4.5 million – Rp. 10 million
Local or Imported Yorkshire Female Walnuts: Rp. 4.5 million – Rp. 6.5 million
Puppies F1 Walnuts Yorkshire: Rp. 1.5 million
Puppies Puppies F2 Yorkshire: Rp. 2.5 million – Rp. 3 million
How to care for Yorkshire Canaries? Are there special treatments for Yorkshire Canaries? In terms of care, it is actually the same between Yorkshire Canaries and other types of Canaries. However, it is recommended that Walnut Yorkshire be placed in a cage large enough for him to move freely.



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